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Attention Bucket Tips

Top Tips from a Therapist

Use the whiteboard to create a now and next board on the go:

  •  Say 'now bucket, next X' (The next item should be a favourite toy that really motivates them)

  •  Sing a song about the bucket to grab the child's attention and signify the start of the session

  •  Slowly, and with a calm yet excited tone take the first toy out of the bucket

  •  Encourage the child to sit and watch (without touching it) for a short period of time before getting out the next item from the bucket. If the child gets up or tries to grab the toy, put it back in the bucket and get it back out again when they are sitting. This way they will learn the positive benefits of sitting and looking and will be less likely to grab the items next time.

  •  After you have shown them 3 or 4 items say 'bucket finished' (wiping the bucket drawing off the white board) 'now time for x' then allow them to play with their motivating item for a short period

  •  Keep the activity fresh by only allowing them to see 3-4 toys each session and adding a new toy to the bucket every week or two!

Tip - Different children are motivated by different types of toys. Some enjoy the feel and touch of a toy predominantly while others are motivated by sight, movement or the sound of toys. Try introducing the child to a range of toys and take time to observe how the child responds to each toy to work out what toys motivate them. Then gradually join them in that play, enjoying what they enjoy to start to build some shared enjoyment and attention with the child.

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