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Boys with toys

Developing Language

Top Tips from a Therapist

As you play with your child in whatever activity you are doing remember to:

  • shorten your own sentences to their level. e.g. if they are only using 1 words phrases, you should use 1-2 word phrases too, to help them build on the vocabulary they have already and take it one step further.

  • Instead of asking them 'what's that?' tell them what it is so they can learn that vocabulary (e.g. 'oh, a train!').

If you are looking develop size and colour concepts you can ensure you use lots of colour and size vocabulary as you play with the child. You can also use specific toys that lend themselves to naming size and colour concepts such as; Size and colour teddies, Size and colour camels and Red Dog, Blue Dog.

Support the child to sort the toys into 'red' and 'not red', or 'big' and 'not big' to help them learn one concept at a time.

Work on a child's ability to remember and follow instructions by asking them to find 'the big blue teddy' or ' all the little camels'.

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