Attention Bucket - Full set (Stage 1)

Attention Bucket - Full set (Stage 1)

Working on developing a child’s attention to adult directed tasks? This set has everything you need in one bundle. This 17 piece sensory toy kit is designed for any nursery, parent or therapist using attention bucket strategies (or Attention Autism stage one). This set has been compiled by a Speech and Language Therapist and consists of a range of highly visually stimulating sensory toys that therapists have found to be effective in gaining and maintaining a child's attention. The kit includes a bucket to store items, a white board and pen and 17 sensory toys:


2 x spinning light toys

2 x squeezy balls

2 x Sensory Scarves

2 x Pop up toys

2 x wind up toys

1 x bubbles

1 x puffer duck

1 x spat ball

1 x squeezy unicorn

1 x stretchy caterpillar

1 x slime tube

1 x spiky light up ball


Need more sensory toys than this? Just add another sensory toy bundle to your basket.


For tips on how to develop attention using the attention bucket go to the Therapy Tips page.


(** batteries not included)

(** not suitable for children under 3 years)

(*** toys to be used under the supervision of an adult)