Colour & Size Teddies and Camels

Colour & Size Teddies and Camels

Each set consists of a range of washable teddies and camels that vary in both size and colour. You can buy the packs either as a small pack suitable for an individul child or a large nursery pack if you are working in groups. Teach children about size and colour as you play with this mixed set of camels and bears consisting of 3 different sizes and 6 different colours. The camels can be linked together to form a string of camels. see who can listen well and make their caravan of camels the longest!


Tip: When initially introducing concepts; offer choices to help the child learn the concept language. Hold one camel in one hand and the other in your other hand and ask 'do you want blue or green?'.  Wait for the child to respond before giving it to them. '


Tip: Teach children how to listen and following instructions (1-4 information-carrying words) using these simple teddies and camels. e.g. "give the big yellow camel to Lucy"


Tip: Teach concepts one at a time. E.g. instead of teaching big and little, teach 'big' and 'not big'. Get children to sort the bears into piles of 'big and 'not big'. Have a look around the room and challenge them to find some other 'big' toys to add them to the pile too!