Marmite - Love It or Hate It game!

Marmite - Love It or Hate It game!

This quirky game, is a simple and fun way to help children with Selective Mutism use single words as part of a structured game. It requires the child to think of their own answers, so is more challenging than other single word games such as Top Trumps, but can be a great next step from easier stage 6 games.


Marmite Love It or Hate It is all about knowing and discovering your friends' loves and hates.  Do you know your friend's favourite sports, or your their least favourite vegetable? Can you think of a cartoon character that no other player will come up with? Get the answer right and you win a puzzle piece, the first player to complete their puzzle is the ultimate winner! 


If the child is not yet feeling confident enough to take a guess about what other game players love or hate, you can make this game more achievable by changing the rules slightly and gettign them to spin the wheel and tell you something they love or hate rather than guessing what someone else might think.


Product Specifications:

  • Ages: 7+
  • Size: 7 x 27.8 x 19.2 cm
  • Weight: 399 g