Splat Ball

Splat Ball

Capture your child's attention with these fun splat balls. Throw them on the table or at a wall (or ceiling - as long as you can reach to get it down again!) and watch them stick. Squeeze them, splat them throw them!

There are 4 different splat balls to collect: a pig, a frog, a tomato and an egg (The ball you recieive will be selected at random).


Buying options: 1 ball or the full set of 4 balls (one of each variety).

* Size: 6cm


TIP: Use as a motivating toy in an attention bucket or as part of a 'ready steady go' game to help improve attention and eye contact. Say 'ready, steady....' they wait for the child to make eye-contact with you or say 'go' before you splat the ball.