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Top Tips  for working with a Stammer

Anout 5-8% of Early Years children this age have a stammer or stutter (both words mean the same thing!).

Some of the best things you can do to support a child (aged 0-7 years old) with a stammer is to impliment the stratgies below as you play with them.

  • Set aside 5 minutes of 1:1 play time with the child at least once a day. Try not to bedistracted by your phone or other people during this time - the child needs to know they have your full attention for the whole 5 minutes

  • Let them take the lead in the play. i.e. Don't direct the play yourself, let them play in their own way and just follow their lead

  • Talk slowly yourself

  • Comment on what they are doing rather than ask them questions. e.g. instead of saying 'what's that?' say 'oh you've got the digger'.

  • Pause. Silence is good, it gives them time to plan what they want to say

  • Shorten sentences. Aim to use 2 word sentences with 2 year olds, 3 word sentneces with 3 year olds etc.

  • Don't ask them lots of questions.

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